Author : Kaichi, Keiko
Illustrator : Kaichi, Keiko
Size : 9,5” x 11,5”
Pages : 32
Additional specs : Color throughout. Laminated hardcover.
Price : US $17.99 / CA $23.99
ISBN : 978-988-8341-24-5

A poignant story about an old predator who learns the power of love.

The developing relationship between the big old lion and the fragile little rabbit is irresistibly cute.

Keiko Kaichi’s illustrations manage the tricky task of being both adorable and emotionally moving. She is a master of her style.

Old Lion has gotten too old to be King of the Plains, so he spends most days napping out on the savanna. But one day something tickles his mane–something that turns out to be a cozy little rabbit who’s gotten lost. It may be too small for a meal, but Old Lion hatches a plan to feed Little Rabbit until he grows up to be big and delicious! Little Rabbit grows nicely under Old Lion’s care, but when the time comes to make a meal of him, will Old Lion have the heart to gobble up the creature who’s come to rely on him so completely? This magnificently illustrated tale about the power of friendship and the wisdom of age will touch the hearts of old and young alike.