Author : Goodall, Jane
Illustrator : Daishu, Ma
Size : 9.8
Pages : 48
Additional specs : Color throughout. Laminated hardcover.
Price : US $17,99 / CA $23,99
ISBN : 978-1-6626-5040-6

A timely new story about the world of animal trafficking from widely acclaimed researcher and conservationist Jane Goodall.

A book that not only teaches children many amazing facts about pangolins, but also teaches empathy toward all creatures.

Full of information and accompanied by adorable illustrations, this book will be irresistible to animal lovers of all ages.

Friendly Pangolina – a member of the only mammalian species with scales – spends a blissful babyhood being cared for by her loving mother. As a pangolin, though, she’s in danger, because her scales are prized by humans who believe they have curative powers. Luckily, a little girl who understands the plight of pangolins comes to her rescue.

Legendary naturalist Jane Goodall’s many followers and all animal-loving children will be riveted by this suspenseful and heartwarming story set in China and including informational material about pangolins and suggestions for how to help fight animal trafficking.