Author : Pérez-Sauquillo, Vanesa
Illustrator : Cordes, Miriam
Size : 22 x 29,3 cm
Pages : 32
Additional specs : Colour throughout, laminated hardcover.
Price : £11.99
ISBN : 978-988-15954-8-5

A charming story celebrating the close bond between mother and child.

Vibrant illustrations capturing the chaos a small girl leaves in her wake.

Amusing text telling a different story to the pictures!

Won’t Mum be bored without me? thinks this little girl as Mum takes her to school. Look at all the things I can help with at home. Like colouring the bookshelves and the walls to
make it nice and bright and bringing all my best toys into the living room so Mum can play with them! And when she comes in to say goodnight I give her a fright – and make her laugh – when I jump out from under the bedcovers.
What on earth will Mum do without me?