Author : Thuswaldner, Werner
Illustrator : Crouch, Julian
Size : 29,3 x 24 cm
Pages : 48
Additional specs : Color throughout, laminated hardcover.
ISBN : 978-988-8240-38-8

Julian Crouch’s art is a theatrical feast for the eyes, the perfect accompaniment to such an ancient tale.

The story of Everyman is timeless, and each new generation finds new ways to bring it to life.

Werner Thuswaldner is a cultural and linguistic expert who brings the perfect sensibility to this classic story.

Werner Thuswaldner’s retelling of Everyman is a simplified version of a classic tale for children. Originally composed during the Middle Ages, this morality fable illustrates how people become too absorbed in their material possessions, ignoring the suffering of their fellow men and women.
It’s a tale about the importance of sharing our wealth and our gifts with others – for in the end, the only things we get to hold onto are the good deeds we’ve done for others.
This classic story is illustrated by the wild, raucous art of Julian Crouch, perfect for bringing such an ancient tale to life.