Author : Kipling, Rudyard
Illustrator : Lauströer, Jonas
Size : 29,3 x 22 cm
Pages : 64
Additional specs : Colour throughout. Laminated hardcover
Price : £14.99
ISBN : 978-988-8341-67-2

This madcap classic “Just So” story from Rudyard Kipling provides a hilarious explanation for how the elephant got its long nose.

Jonas Lauströer’s illustrations are full of life — both in their detailed depictions of the creatures of Africa, and in the wacky predicaments the baby elephant finds himself in.

A fun, silly story, full of great language and spirit.

The Elephant’s child—a mere babe—is so curious about the world around him. But more than anything he wants to know what the crocodile eats for dinner. Yet every time he asks someone in his large family, he gets a spanking! So the baby elephant sets out on a journey to find the answer for himself. When at last he meets the crocodile, he not only learns the answer to his question, he also gets a makeover that stretches his nose enough to make the other elephants jealous!

In this edition of one of Rudyard Kipling’s much-loved “Just So” Stories, illustrator Jonas Lauströer adds a good dash of whimsy to his talent for portraying the natural world. This is a wild classic that will appeal to all ages.