Author : Villiot, Bernard
Illustrator : Guilloppé, Antoine
Size : 22 x 29,3 cm
Pages : 32
Additional specs : Colour throughout, laminated hardcover.
Price : £12.99
ISBN : 978-988-8341-86-3

Gorgeous black-and-white laser-cut illustrations show an amazing variety of scenes in the life of a cat on the prowl.

A story about how intolerance drives us away from the community.

A beautifully written text, full of both anguish and hope.

Mephisto the black cat lives apart from other cats. Shunned by the townspeople for being a harbinger of bad luck, he never gets to sit inside by the fireplace like the tomcats do. Instead he dodges constant insults and abuse. He decides to leave behind the world of humans for a peaceful life in the country, but once winter comes and he returns to the city, the townspeople find that they need him, after all. Still, nothing is as important to Mephisto as his freedom. This moving and poetic story, stunningly illustrated with laser-cut paper, makes for a thought-provoking parable about the nature of intolerance.