Author : Maruyama, Yoko
Illustrator : Maruyama, Yoko
Size : 27 x 25 cm
Pages : 40
Additional specs : Colour throughout. Laminated hardcover.
Price : £11.99
ISBN : 978-988-8341-98-6

A lesson in the importance of letting everyone participate. The crayons feel good when they get to do what they were made for.

Teaches that there are different ways to be creative. One boy's trash is another girl’s treasure.

The art is irresistible. The expressions on the crayons’ faces are so cute you'll wish your crayons had faces.

A boxful of brand-new crayons is overjoyed when a boy named Lucas brings them home and starts using them to make pictures. Except that Lucas never, ever uses the white crayon for anything, and when he decides he needs a new set of crayons, that white crayon is still as tall and as clean as the day it was bought. Poor white crayon feels so dejected. But when a girl named Olivia stumbles upon the fresh white crayon, she’s delighted. She draws her own kinds of pictures, and this white crayon is exactly what she needs.

Here’s a funny, heartwarming story that not only shows how things can be used in different ways, but also reinforces the lesson that everyone feels good when they have a chance to participate.